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William Radley

William Radley began building Copland in March 2020, and after a few false starts and some very long nights, it officially opened to the public 12 months later.

He continues to run Copland as its Managing Director.

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William at Copland

Will began building the Copland platform in March 2020, and it officially launched to the public 12 months later on 1st March 2021.

Despite a few false starts, Will’s passion for seeing small businesses, the kickstarters and grafters thrive has never wavered. Copland is designed to be easy to use, valuable to customers and vital to producing well manage efficient campaigns. That’s what drives all Copland companies: efficient technology that helps people get by.

Copland saw steady growth in its early days. Will reinvested all profits back into the company, ensuring that as we grew, our platform and service improved: ultimately helping our customers continue to get more from us.

Will’s the first to admit mistakes have been made. But our commitment to Copland customers and the communities we operate in is unwavering. It’s the driving force of everything we do.

Outside of Copland

Outside of Copland, you’re most likely to see Will with his running shoes on. He’s a keen runner, regularly competing in races consisting of 5k and marathons. He loves a ParkRun too!

Contact William Radley

Will is always looking to hear from Copland customers, so send him an email. You should expect a response within 1 - 2 working days but it can sometimes be longer.


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