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Here, you'll find definitions for key terms and features related to our software.

Address book
This is a feature of CP3 that allows users to store and organize their customer or recipient addresses for leaflet delivery. The address book allows users to easily access and input addresses for their campaigns, making it quick and efficient to schedule leaflet deliveries.
A campaign is a specific leaflet delivery project or effort that can be customized and scheduled using CP3. Users can create multiple campaigns within the software, each with their own unique delivery routes and scheduling options.
Delivery route
The delivery route is the specific path or route that a leaflet delivery person will follow to distribute the leaflets to the designated addresses. CP3 allows users to easily create and customize delivery routes for their campaigns, ensuring efficient and effective distribution of leaflets.
Print on demand
This is a feature of CP3 that allows users to print leaflets as needed for a specific campaign, rather than having to print a large batch in advance. This makes it easy for users to print the exact number of leaflets needed for their campaign, reducing waste and saving money.
Tracking and reporting
CP3 provides real-time updates on the progress of a leaflet delivery campaign, as well as detailed reports on the results. This allows users to monitor the success of their campaigns and make any necessary adjustments.
User interface
The user interface is the platform through which users interact with CP3. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it simple for users to input customer information and schedule campaigns.
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