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Features only provided by Copland Post

Automated rules

Quick and easy to setup

Automatically check your flyer delivery campaign and then update or notify you of any changes depending on the goals you've set. In addition to these automatic checks and notifications, it can also take the necessary actions for you.

Hardware Store Owner

Budgets that work for you. No contracts required

Copland Post can work for almost any advertising budget. Set a budget or choose a delivery plan that works for you, and never pay more than you intended to. Plus, you can pause or adjust your spend anytime.

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Save time

Save time and money with the reassurance that your campaign will respond to data based on your business goals. With automated rules, your flyer drops are on autopilot.

Powerful campaigns

Automated rules help build powerful campaigns that respond to data fitted towards your business goals. They can be adapted towards many data metrics including impressions, audiences and time scales.

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We're ready when you are

Start moving your business forward

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