Tonni's Pastry Hut goes local with campaigns to stay independent and serve customers directly



Get more customers ordering pizza directly from the website



Advertising within opening times and around dining hours



Increased direct online orders to 70% of total revenue in just three years

“Copland Post gave us confidence, because we could see it was focused on finding the right customers and getting results. We realised that we could show our adverts to people within our local area, which was exactly what we wanted.”

- Antoni, Founding Baker

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About their goals

Toni’s enjoyed early success and growth, but as the business grew, its founder Antoni felt they were missing out on having a direct connection to customers online. Pasty and breakfast lovers were going through delivery services to order from Toni’s Pastry, which meant that Antoni and his team weren’t learning anything about their customers, like what their favourite pastries were, or what kind of promotions they favoured. Realising that the key was driving more potential customers to their own website, Antoi turned to flyer delivery with Copland Post for a solution. “What sets us apart is the personal connection,” he says. “We get to know our customers by their first names, and that rapport is so important to us. We were looking for new ways to keep people coming back, and keep that personal connection going strong.”

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