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45% more appointments booked and 1500% rise in ROI

“Thanks to Copland, we’re now visible to local people. Our footfall has increased and clients can easily call us after finding us. We couldn’t be happier, and we’re excited about achieving our growth plans.”

- Shauna, Founder

About the company


Shauna founded her new business


Growth in turnover in the last 3 months


Daily spend with Copland Post

About the goals

Shauna's Salon started in April 2017 after its owner, Shauna Burns, decided to fulfil a lifelong ambition of running her own business. Teaming up with a friend, they decided to open a hair salon—and quickly found the perfect location to open their first store.

One of Shauna's first goals was to free-up his time to focus more on the brand and managing the accounts, while a team of professionals ran the creative side.

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