Nikki spreads the word and increases sales by 35% in 3 months



Carve out a name for herself and reach out to potential customers to increase customer base



Used Copland Post to reach out to people in her local area



Sales increased by 35% in just 3 months

"Copland Post helped us get the word out to consumers we wouldn’t have been able to reach, given our small budget. We saw our sales increase by 35% in just three months."

- Nikki, Pharmacist

About the company


Year company was founded


Year on year growth


Sales growth in 3 months

How it all started

Established in 2010, Nikki has served her loyal Chelmsford customers for over 10 years. She wanted a way to promote her newer services though, to scale lead generation efforts and grow the business. They also wanted to keep their Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) low.

Nikki chose to use Copland to run her flyer campaigns. With this, she was able to avoid higher-tech company advert prices, stay independent and move her business forward.

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