Features only provided by Copland Post

Free collection

Quick and easy to setup

It's easy to book and track your material collection. Just select your pick up location, a good time that works for you and the number of boxes we'll be collecting and boom... you're good to go.

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Budgets that work for you. No contracts required

Copland Post can work for almost any advertising budget. Set a budget or choose a delivery plan that works for you, and never pay more than you intended to. Plus, you can pause or adjust your spend anytime.

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Change it to suit

We know life comes at you fast, and your business can take precedence over waiting for a leaflet pickup. So whilst we give you a one-hour time slot, you're free to change your collection date and time that works for you.

You're in control

From booking a material collection to managing the audience your material is sent to, it's never been easier to manage your flyer campaigns and help move your business forward.

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We're ready when you are

Start moving your business forward