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We go further than simply providing tracking reports. We provide you and your business with powerful analytical tools that help you make better decisions in the future, based on informed data taken directly from your campaigns.

1. We focus on people

We are not in SaaS or B2B. At the end of the day, we are dealing with people, and we care about them. When we focus on adding value to people's lives and making them feel special, everyone wins.

Our products enable people around the world to start and grow their business. We care about each person that puts their trust in us and want to grow with them. Our success depends on their success. We motivate to keep users making forward progress. We highlight customers' stories, build communities that share similar goals and connect our customers with our experts and partners.

We are an amazing multi-cultural team, not a faceless corporation. We all come from diverse backgrounds, cultures and have different personalities and skills. This is what makes our team so interesting! Let’s show our human side in everything we do. For example, we use our team photos in our content, share our company’s stories and our team members’ posts on social media. We want our customers to know us as people.

Our customer support team leads the way by letting their personality shine in each conversation. We like to include personal touches and use GIFs and emojis to convey our tone of voice in our conversations. We're all people interacting with people.

2. We’re passionate about Copland

We are inspired to do great work because we truly believe in what we do, and we put our heart and soul into it. We really give a damn about our company and products. It’s not just another job, and it’s a shared mission to show the world what we can do.

Every team member is our best form of advertising for our products. We are genuinely proud of where we work and what we do. And people notice.

We are stronger together. When we share our individual skills, knowledge and experience, we become an unstoppable team.

  • Developed a killer feature? Make a presentation about it.

  • Wrote a blog post? Share it with the team.

  • Noticed room for improvement? Write a pitch about it.

  • Attended a conference? Share your insights.

We encourage and help each other to achieve our goals. We celebrate successes, face challenges together and have fun as a team.

3. We take responsibility

We don’t micromanage. You have much autonomy. You can decide how and when you work. But don’t forget, your freedom is tied to responsibility.

Thousands of people around the world trust us with their business. When we mess up, miss a deadline, or slow down—it matters. We take that responsibility seriously.

Before there is a problem, communicate your issues or concerns. Colleagues are always willing to help, but we don’t tolerate excuses. Every result is a combination of a challenge and your responsibility (response + ability). If you don’t feel part of the problem, you can’t be part of the solution.

The same goes for communication with customers. We feel responsible for their success. We believe in transparency. Therefore, we inform our customers if we have an issue. Trust is the foundation of any team or a successful business.

4. We care about long-term goals

We don’t have investors that require quarterly reports. We don’t have to show results right away. We don’t go after an overnight success or the viral video.

We create awesome products that are here to stay. We want to create quality products that feel good every step of the way, from a clean design and an easy-to-use content editor to great customer support and valuable content. We don’t take shortcuts.

We invest in things that will always be relevant to our customers, like awesome customer support, a company culture that helps us hire incredibly talented people or spending over a year rewriting code to make CoplandPost more scalable and bulletproof.

What do we do:

  • Have a killer idea? Ask yourself what it would bring in the long term.

  • The same applies to the content. Will it bring value in a year? Is it evergreen?

  • Had an issue? Think of what you could do to avoid it the next time.

  • Team leaders should have a vision of where their team will be in several years, communicate it clearly, and plan for the resources, skills and people they will need to achieve it.

5. We keep things simple

We are big believers in the power of keeping it simple.

Everything we do is designed to provide intuitive solutions for complicated tasks. We create products with advanced functionality to keep up with our customers’ needs, yet we take extra steps to ensure our tools are easy for you to use.

We are a remote company because we believe that there’s no one place in the world where all the best talent lives. So we made our office location wherever people are happiest.

6. We're ready to grow

Change is inevitable and life is better if we keep evolving too. We are successful today because of the things we did years ago. Most of them were experiments that worked out well. We welcome change and are always ready to grow.

To stay successful, we must continue experimenting, making mistakes, learning new things, and feeling comfortable about change. We don’t have all the answers. We haven’t tried tons of things. Feel free to experiment. If you believe in your idea, give it a try. If it works, do more of it and share your knowledge with the team.

Growth is a success metric, but it’s a tricky one. You should be prepared for the growth in advance to sustain quality over time. Think of the things that will matter if our business grows 3 times this year. What needs to be done today? Do it.

We bring our whole self to work. Our personalities, habits and personal challenges don’t disappear just because we have our work hat on. We believe that conscious people, who are self-aware, make better colleagues. We encourage you to notice your habits, the fears that limit your decisions, and the insecurities that block you from growing. It’s ok not to know something, as long as you are eager to learn and move forward. It’s ok to ask for help. This is why we are a team, not people working individually.

7. We treat people right

We believe that you should treat people as you want to be treated. That means showing respect and empathy for every person, regardless of their situation. We answer every question, even the ones that seem strange. Listen to other suggestions from your own. If it is not useful, be forthcoming and clearly explain why with kindness.

No gossip, talking behind backs, insults or name-calling. If there are things that need discussing, be brave enough to bring it up.

We treat all people equally. It starts with small actions. For example, if you greet by shaking hands, be sure to do it with all members of the team.

We strive to create an environment where our team members feel safe to talk about their diverse experiences and share different points of view. This global perspective gives us all a broader understanding of the world and allows us to educate one another.

8. We take care of ourselves

The overall team’s health is directly connected to each individual’s well-being. Take care of both your physical and mental health. Don’t spend all your time behind the computer. Enjoy hobbies. Spend time with your family and friends.

You can meditate, go to the gym, get a massage or therapy in the middle of the day. Your work can wait 2 hours, especially when you come back full of energy and motivation.

Stay curious, explore the world, read books and meet different people. Finding new ways of looking at things can lead to better decision-making and new exciting projects.

This is the reason why we want everyone to take at least 2 weeks of uninterrupted vacation per year, and a creative day once a quarter where you can go out and experience something new.




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