Manage all your customer campaigns from one place

We make it is for your agency to provide all your customers with seamless distribution services

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A Manager Account will allow your agency to manage it's customer campaigns without any hassle, quickly and easily

What is a Copland Post Manager Account?

It allows your agency to manage customer campaigns quickly and easily

Our reselling services allow your agency to provide efficient, quality direct marketing services to your customers through your own brand and not Copland Post’s. Our services are exactly the same, and you can manage your campaigns just the same as you do with your own leaflet campaigns.

If you’re an agency or someone who manages multiple Copland Post accounts, then a manager account is a powerful tool that could save you time. A manager account is a Copland Post account that lets you easily view and manage multiple Copland Post accounts – including other manager accounts – from a single location.

Grant access and control

Share your campaign with customers and team members

Share access with other managers, grant new access, and control the level of access in case someone’s role changes.

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Getting the Bill
Monitor performance

All your customer results in one place

Easily compare performance and track conversions across accounts. Plus, generate and share automated reports for anything from keyword performance to dimensions reporting.

Consolidate your billing

Track and manage payments quickly

Combine invoices for several accounts into one monthly invoice. Get budget updates and easily track which account is being billed via your manager account dashboard.

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